Bespoke Solutions

With our wide produce range, we offer machines to solve many cleaning problems but recognise that sometimes, off the shelf solutions may not suit your needs. In these circumstances, due to our relationship with suppliers, we are able to design and have bespoke solutions built specific to your requirements.

Over the years, our suppliers have produced solutions including :-

  • A high pressure cleaning system for cleaning magnetic swarf from photocopier components during production, for a world leading manufacturer. The system included a fully recycled water system for removing the magnetic debris from the water, and included a programmable moving nozzle assembly.
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) system to clean ingredients mixing vessels, for a well known food manufacturer. This included nozzles and water and chemical pump assemblies.
  • Vehicle wash system for cleaning up to six lanes simultaneously.
  • Label removal systems for plastic trays and beer kegs.
  • Duct cleaning systems for a tobacco manufacturer.
  • Steam heated hot water pressure cleaners for the Ministry of Defence for use in the armaments division.
  • Chemical mixing and spraying system for the Ministry of Defence.
  • Cleaning systems for food preparation and catering premises across the UK, from Orkney to the Isle of Wight.
  • A central pressure cleaning system for a major Dairy company designed to operate using water at over 90°C.
  • A central wash down system for one of the UK's largest hamburger manufacturers. This bespoke cleaning system included a hot water system and a pump system to allow 12 operators to clean simultaneously.

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