Vacuums and Carpet Cleaners

A range of vacuum and carpet cleaners including both wet and dry vacuums as well as machines such as the extraction machines and the Rug Doctor for removing even the most deeply embedded dirt from carpets.

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Dry Vacuums
Dry Vacuums
Wet and Dry Vacuums
Wet and Dry Vacuums
Extraction Systems
Extraction Systems

Numatic James Numatic James
A classic dry vacuum cleaner cleverly designed with simplicity in mind coupled with superb power and performance.
Numatic Henry Numatic Henry
Featuring a Twinflo two stage professional motor, high / low operation and a tritex filter system, Henry is the perfect everyday dry vacuum cleaner.
Numatic Hetty Numatic Hetty
All the features of Henry but in pink and with eyelashes!
Nilfisk Alto Aero Nilfisk Alto Aero
With the Nilfisk Aero you get high performance in a compact package, with a huge working capacity and low working sound level.
Cleanfix S 10 Cleanfix S 10
A professional quality tub dry vacuum cleaner. Practical compact design with powerful vacuum performance.
Cleanfix BS Series Cleanfix BS Series
A high performance, handy low vacuum and floor brushing machine. The roller brush with four height settings makes the cleaner suitable for all kinds of carpets.
Cleanfix RS Series Cleanfix RS Series
The user friendly RS is a back pack that has been designed and developed with the user in mind, setting new standards of comfort and usability.
Numatic Charles Numatic Charles
A wet and dry use vacuum cleaner built around the Numatic Twinflo two stage professional motor.
Numatic George Numatic George
This classic all in one is genuinely the family friend for dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming, deep cleaning the carpet or cleaning the upholstery.
Numatic WVD570 Numatic WVD570
A small to medium sized dual motored vacuum which is highly portable and rugged machine for commercial and light industrial use.
Numatic WVD900 Numatic WVD900
A large commercial / industrial vacuum with dual two stage motors (2400W) giving 80L/sec air flow. Includes the tipper system and excellent mobility.
Numatic WVD2000 Numatic WVD2000
A large wet vacuum with two stage dual motors (2400W) and large polyform tank / container. Mounted on a stainless steel chassis with large wheels. Emptying is done using a dump hose.
Numatic CT570 Numatic CT570
A medium size extraction cleaning vacuum with a powerful 1200W two stage motor and super tough Structofoam construction.
Numatic CTD570 Numatic CTD570
A large commercial / industrial machine utilising the CTD900 machines working in unison with a 570-size slave unit, both joined by 10m "umbilical cord".
Numatic TPD570 Numatic TPD570
A medium size extraction cleaning system utilising two CT570-size machines joined by a 10m "umbilical cord".
Rug Doctor Rug Doctor
Deep clean all types of carpets with this industrial strength Rug Doctor Shampoo System. This powerful machine cuts down drying time by working harder to leave less moisture in your carpets.
Cleanfix TW 400 Series Cleanfix TW 400 Series
A spray extraction machine for textile surfaces such as carpets, upholstery or car interiors. Thanks to the compact and light weight construction ideal for basic cleaning of small to medium sized surfaces.
Cleanfix TW Compact Cleanfix TW Compact
The ideal machine for professional cleaning of large areas. Push bar hinged. With it's adapter connection it is possible to clean corners, edges and stairs.

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