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The Tomcat NANO EDGE is the ultimate scrubber for small or hard to reach areas. The compact design is solid, robust and made to last in any environment.

This powerful little floor buffer can do just about everything, from stripping floors, cleaning dirt out of grouting or just deep cleaning floor surfaces. Not only that, the Tomcat NANO EDGE stick machine is a game-changer when used on stairs. The base plate is the perfect size to effortlessly clean stairs and get into corners, while being light enough to safely carry up and down them.

The machine comes standard with a detachable handle with trigger on off control and a carry strap.

There is a variety of different cleaning pads available for the NANO to get the best performance out of it on every type of floor. (See document below).

Contact us today for more information on this powerful little scrubber. 01228 401340

Available to purchase from Blast Clean.

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  • Robust 3.4mm steel design
  • Velcro pad holder plate
  • Two point handle bar attachment
  • Aluminium face plate
  • Dust & water containment cover as standard
  • Internal steel weight stack (Same PSI as 20" EDGE machine)
  • Low profile design and cover
  • 4x HD brush deck isolators
  • Padded handle bar grips
  • 240V power supply
  • 0.33, 4,100Rpm oscillating motor
  • 10M cable length
  • 27cm max cleaning width
  • Under 57 dBA noise level
  • 19 Kg Weight (including handle)
  • 25x10x16cm dimensions (LxWxH)