MAC Plantmaster E

The MAC Plantmaster E is a ZERO EMISSIONS hot water pressure washer that doesn't compromise on cleaning performance.

This range of machines have been specifically designed around a large 375L, double insulated, stainless steel water tank which locks in the heat generated by the bar heaters. This creates an extremely efficient hot water supply with a maximum output temperature of 80°C. 

Cleaning power is still optimised with a range of versions available from 120Bar / 11 litre per minute to 200Bar / 15 litre per minute pump and motor specifications.

  • Max 80°c with market leading heat retention
  • 375lt stainless steel double insulated water tank
  • Available up to 48kw heating power
  • 14 standard models with additional bespoke options available
  • Interpumps rated up to 110°C
  • Low revving 1450rpm motor
  • Unique stainless steel subframe construction
  • Easy access for servicing with hinged lid and removable hinged front door
  • Low thermal loss in standby
  • Easy to use control panel with digital temperature display
  • Variable total timed shutdown
  • Soft start for heating elements
  • Low water protection
  • Anti-spike system
  • Built in hour counter
  • Fully bespoke design function
  • Siemens PLC control

Make the change to a ZERO EMISSIONS electrically heated machine for guaranteed reductions in machine breakdowns, service costs & running costs.

Minimum 32amp power supply required for the Plantmaster E range.


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  • Zero Emissions
  • Lockable Cabinet
  • HT Interpump
  • Nicolini 1450rpm 4-pole Motor
  • 18kw - 48kw Heaters
  • Siemens PLC control
  • Powder Coated or Stainless Steel Cabinet Options
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