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Wheel Wizard is a maximum concentrate, non-acid wheel cleaner. Whether you’re cleaning a fleet of trucks and vans or a mobile valeter on the road if you need a powerful, safe, and effective cleaner for wheels. This is the perfect option for you.


Formulated from trade-strength degreasing agents and surfactants Wheel Wizard is easily able to cut through any contaminants on the surface of your alloy. Once applied, it immediately starts breaking down brake dust and road film while loosening any other surface deposits on the wheel and tyre ready for power washing after just a minute of dwell time, depending on soiling.


Available in 5L, 25L & 205L containers


    • Alkaline-based and acid-free ensuring safe and effective cleaning recommended dilutions.
    • Requires minimal to no agitation once applied, removing all dirt and debris with ease.
    • Safe on all powder coats, clear coats, and painted wheels.
    • Removes all grease, brake dust, grime, and any other contaminants.
    • Practical replacement for acidic wheel cleaners.
    • Dilutable up to 1:40 depending on soiling.
    • Suitable for direct or spray-on application.