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The Cleanfix R53-1100 UHS is a 240v ultra high speed buffer. Designed for polishing and spray cleaning.


The powerful motor spins at 1100rpm at 46kg down pressure, creating optimal heat and performace to clean and burnish polished floors.

Fitted with an integrated pad holder that requires 20" polishing pads and castors for easy forward / backward cleaning.


Additional pads, spray cleaning kit and dust ring also available.


  • Total power 1320 W / 230 V
    Brush speed 1100 ¹/min
    Working width 53 cm
    Working height 15 / 35 cm
    Cable length 20 m
    Weight with driving disc 46 kg
    Protection class I / IPXO
    Brush torque 12 Nm
    Noise level 67 dBA